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The GenomeQuest staff offers thoughts and insight on:
  • What's unique about searching IP in the life sciences
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  • Things happening in and around the life science IP industry

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How to stay up to date with alerts in GenomeQuest

GQ-Pat is constantly growing. How can you keep up with newly published patent documents? Here's a simple video that shows how to set up database alerts in GenomeQuest so that you can automatically be...Read more

How to deal with sequences that are repeated in the same patent family

Because GenomeQuest's GQ-Pat is a document database rather than a family database, you might hit the same sequence more than once because it occurs in document A and document B both in the same...Read more

9 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid in Biological Sequence Search

Each year, pharmaceuticals, biotech organizations, academic institutions and law firms commit costly errors that happen due to poorly informed IP portfolio decisions. Relating to biological sequence...Read more

Antibody Patent Searching Made Easy

Researchers often neglect to search antibody patents because it seems complex and due to the perception that there is nothing to be gained from it. Dangerous thinking! Antibody searching, with the...Read more

4 Reasons why people pay for IP Sequence Search

Everyone likes free biological sequence search. A free IP sequence search usually involves the following steps: search the Genbank patent divisions on the NCBI BLAST web site, go through the...Read more